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Caroline Smith will be headlining another Positive Tuesdays party this Friday. The shenanigans will also include sets by Hannah Von Der Hoff and local favorites Second Story. Smith took a minute to answer a few questions for 507 readers. 

When I heard there was going to be a professional soccer team in Minnesota, I promptly decided my husband and I would be fans. He quickly agreed, and we found ourselves planning out which home games we would be able to make. The Minnesota United play at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, and t…

Usually in spring and summer, we discuss light fruity flavors and textures. This is natural as the hot days beg for easy drinking. But I’m going to talk about the polar opposite: big, meaty wines that look and taste so bold and intimidating that men and women run away in fear when they see t…

If the pen is mightier than the sword, the students at Rochester STEM Academy have the sharpest weapons in the land. Since its inception three years ago, the school’s spoken word poetry program has blossomed into a wildly popular activity. Now it’s seeping into other corners of the community.

The lineup for this year’s Down by the Riverside Concert series was already killer. Now, they’ve unveiled the opening acts and we’ve all got more to celebrate.

Steve is the bass player for The Swamp Kings. He studied at St. Cloud State University, Mankato State University, and Rochester Community and Technical College, where he earned a degree in electronic engineering. 

If the mere question of “What’s for dinner?” is stressing you out, it might be time to make things easier and hit the phone. Lucky for you, Rochester has a plethora of options for savory take-out that you can pick up or have delivered directly to your door.

editor's pick