The Minnesota Court of Appeals has ruled in the City of Rochester's favor regarding a lawsuit filed against the city by its former bus operator Rochester City Lines.

The decision, released Monday, affirms earlier decisions made by Olmsted County District Judge Joseph Chase, who in 2012 and 2013 dismissed four claims made by RCL.

The company claimed that: The city took RCL's property without compensation; the city's bidding process to award a bus contract was unfair and biased against RCL; the bidding process violated RCL's due-process rights; and that Rochester City Council member Michael Wojcik defamed RCL.

The Court of Appeals' ruling upholds Chase's dismissal of all of those claims made by City Lines, which is owned by Daniel Holter.

"It's a 40-page opinion and a unanimous decision," said Rochester City Attorney Terry Adkins during the City Council's dinner meeting on Monday. He also reported that so far, the city has accrued $420,000 in legal fees for the lawsuit, which is being handled by the League of Minnesota Cities. The total cost of the lawsuit for the defense is $956,000, Adkins said.

He said he and the legal team handling the RCL lawsuit believes RCL will take the case to the Minnesota Supreme Court, However, Adkins said there's little chance that the Supreme Court will hear the case.