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Saturday 08/29/2015
Letter: Senior center needs to find new name that will be supported by all
Posted: August 29, 2015

It appears the popular opinion concerning the name 125 Live for the new senior center does not sit well with an abundance of the seniors and ​majority of the ​others it will serve, ​as evidenced per​ all​ the incoming Post-Bulletin letters​ and comments.​

Letter: Senior center name needs to be easy to relate to for people using it
Posted: August 29, 2015

I agree that Rochester Senior Center is much easier to relate to than 125 Live. I am a senior citizen, and I appreciate being identified as one of them.

Letter: City management knew Rochester Art Center problems were coming
Updated: August 29, 2015 - 5:24 am

The reports in the Post-Bulletin tell a story: Rochester taxpayers are on the hook for many thousands of dollars to bail out unexpected cost and challenges.

Letter: Publicly noting alleged staff deficiencies won't improve county department
Posted: August 29, 2015

I work with an Olmsted County Department on a weekly basis. Due to the nature of this department's work, I will not disclose the department.

Wednesday 08/26/2015
Letter: Region's wind turbine eyesores could lead to need for more eye drops
Posted: August 26, 2015

After seeing the Post-Bulletin's front-page article on Aug. 20 asking the question, "Does this look ugly?" my only response can be that I need to purchase stock in the Murine Eye Drop company because with all those eyesores in my old home area, I should certainly make a killing in the market.

Letter: Losing or giving up a family pet can be heartbreaking in many ways
Posted: August 26, 2015

Deb Durenberger's July 24 letter about the 15-year-old Siamese cat a family gave up made me think about my own experience.

Letter: Quest to bolster high-speed rail support should come to an end
Posted: August 26, 2015

It's obvious to any objective observer that there's no broad public support for a high-speed rail line here, publicly funded or not. Rochester and Olmsted County just can't admit that though. So they've been out walking the streets and hiking up their skirt hoping to attract any cheap date that will promise to maintain their high, and they're willing to do anything for it.

Letter: Use name to unite Rochester's rec center and senior center projects
Posted: August 26, 2015

I suggest they call the Rec Center the Rec Center, call the Senior Center the Senior Center, and call the facility that houses both of them the 125 Live Building.

Letter: President Carter's response of cancer will inspire future patients
Posted: August 26, 2015

On Aug. 19, President Jimmy Carter announced he had been diagnosed with cancer, melanoma, which had metastasized to four areas in his brain. In a calm and deliberative manner, he discussed the situation as he understood it.

Tuesday 08/25/2015
Letter: Olmsted County HRA levy will support construction of affordable housing
Posted: August 25, 2015

I have been in the construction business in Rochester for more than 60 years. In 1971, I built and managed the first affordable housing project in Rochester. Since then, we have built several affordable projects in various cities and states.

Letter: New name for senior center should have the word 'senior' in it
Posted: August 25, 2015

I totally agree with the Post-Bulletin Editorial Board regarding the name for the new rec center/senior center, as explained in the Aug. 20 editorial. The name needs to have the word "senior" in it.

Letter: New senior center needs different name to appeal to elderly and visitors
Posted: August 25, 2015

Rather than labor of a misnamed center — 125 Live — I suggest we just call it Rochester Citizen's Center. This would appeal to the elderly, as well as visitors, where the diversity we need in the future lies.

Letter: Timing of meetings between neighbors and developers is important
Posted: August 25, 2015

A misconception was included in an Aug. 18 article regarding text amendments on neighborhood involvement in local development.

Monday 08/24/2015
Letter: Classification of slaves extended 80 years and impact continues today
Posted: August 24, 2015

I respectfully disagree with Max Sullivan's Aug. 17 letter regarding the time frame of the classification of slaves as three-fifths of a human person. Slaves in this country were considered three-fifths of a human person in Article I, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1788. It was only with the ratification, in 1868, of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution that this designation was modified. For 80 years, then, this was the law of the land. This way of thinking, however, preceded even the ratification of the Constitution.

Letter: Obama's Iran deal fails to provide protection or future ramifications
Posted: August 24, 2015

The sad administration of Barack Obama has made a deal with Iran. We do not want Iran to get a nuclear weapon. Other countries in the region do not want that. Iran says it has no such plans, but it keeps moving in that direction.

Letter: MOney being spent by political campaigns would be better used in print
Posted: August 24, 2015

The next U.S. billion-dollar political election circus is perhaps the greatest show on Earth, with both the political conservatives (Republicans) and the social liberals (Democrats) competing. Can the circus party with the most clowns really hope to win the nation's top position?

Letter: More stories of good deeds and their rewards are needed in the media
Posted: August 24, 2015

What a wonderful experience to read the Aug. 14 edition of the Post-Bulletin and — on the front page, no less — was a story of the lost wedding ring, written by Matthew Stolle. Take a bow, Matt. It was such a relief from the depressing, constantly bad stuff we read and hear from the media, even though it is news.

Letter: Eyota roundabout enhances travel experience, will save lives
Posted: August 24, 2015

We have been using the Eyota roundabout on U.S. Highway 14 and Minnesota Highway 42 since it has been opened.

Saturday 08/22/2015
Letter: City needs to be accountable for problems at rec/senior center site
Posted: August 22, 2015

The city of Rochester requires any project to go through required steps starting with approval of the building site and complete architectural drawings and followed by ground borings and approval from the zoning board and city council.

Letter: Wind towers are an unneeded blight on the region's rural landscape
Updated: August 22, 2015 - 8:20 am

Ugly? Yes!

Letter: More cable and Internet providers needed to help reduce prices
Posted: August 22, 2015

Charter Communications is not the only problem in Rochester. Why is a "triple play" bundle of services, that includes high-speed Internet, telephone and television so expensive (about $150)?

Letter: Decision to not allow clinical trial for waterbirths is disappointing
Updated: August 22, 2015 - 8:15 am

I grew up in small town Iowa and am a family physician in Waukon, which has a population of 3,897. When I arrived in Waukon, I discovered water births were offered at the local hospital.

Friday 08/21/2015
Letter: Rochester's city leadership needs to get firmer grip on spending
Posted: August 21, 2015

According to an article in the Aug. 18 edition, the people of the mosque on North Broadway finally got their way. A traffic signal is being added at Broadway Avenue North and First Street North for them.

Thursday 08/20/2015
Letter: Decisions for today's young actors impact theater productions in the future
Posted: August 20, 2015

In an Aug. 12 editorial regarding the Words Players' Original Short Play Festival, the Post-Bulletin Editorial Board wrote, "improvisation is a necessary component of a youth theater troupe that operates on a subsistence budget." Yet, consider the countless amateur theaters that confront similar challenges without disrespecting the writers who send them scripts — in many cases desiring nothing more than a production they will recognize.

Letter: Eagles overcome impossible challenges on regular basis to survive
Posted: August 20, 2015

When you have extra time, go into the woods and search for a stick of convenient size and length. Try to wedge it firmly into the crotch of a tree. It's not fair cutting it or breaking it to make it fit.

Letter: Todd County feedlot fight being funded by Humane Society, not farmers
Posted: August 20, 2015

In her Aug. 15 letter to the Post-Bulletin, Sonja Trom Eayrs characterizes the latest legislative and judicial fight over feedlots as being a David v. Goliath fight between local farm families and "Big Ag and groups such as the Minnesota Power Producers." Eayrs' characterization is demonstrably false.

Letter: Health service consumers can make choices that match their ethics
Posted: August 20, 2015

The Aug. 12 Post-Bulletin article on the uses of aborted human fetal tissue was highly disturbing, but we, as health service consumers, can do something.

Wednesday 08/19/2015
Letter: Question remains regarding taxpayer support of Planned Parenthood
Posted: August 19, 2015

I would like to thank Dr. Andrew Good for enlightening me in his July 21 letter on the finer points of Planned Parenthood's role in providing clinical breast exams. My opinion on the importance of mammograms and the unacceptability of Planned Parenthood's lack of this service was formed after examining the Planned Parenthood and Center for Disease Control websites, but the professional opinion of a physician trumps information gathered from company spokesmen and government bureaucrats.

Tuesday 08/18/2015
Letter: Support for nuclear deal with Iran provides opportunity for diplomacy
Updated: August 18, 2015 - 9:09 am

I am delighted to hear that Congressman Tim Walz and Sens. Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar will support the nuclear deal with Iran.

Letter: Past contrators need to pay to fix problems at recreation and senior center
Posted: August 18, 2015

To help cut the cost overrun on Rochester's senior center and recreation center project, the city should demand payment from the original contractors for providing substandard workmanship on the original project.

Letter: Conflicting state and county road projects make local travel difficult
Posted: August 18, 2015

Seems to me that the state and county should talk about things before they do them in close proximity. I'm talking about closing two main highways in the same area at the same time.

Letter: Action needed regarding sex-offender commitments in Minnesota
Updated: August 18, 2015 - 9:10 am

It appears the sex-offender-commitment situation could use a good mediator. A federal judge has opined the law unconstitutional and is issuing threats to escalate his solution, even to releasing patients. He has refused to allow an appeal of his ruling at this time, preserving his bargaining power.

Monday 08/17/2015
Letter: Letter about lion killer fails to take into account endangered species
Posted: August 17, 2015

I understand what Dave Colburn is saying in his Aug. 4 letter about innocent people getting killed, yet the lion killer Walter Palmer is the most-hated man in American. But, "man" is not an endangered species or near extinction as are some animals.

Letter: Historic definition of slaves' worth is distorted in today's debates
Updated: August 17, 2015 - 8:57 am

I've seen in the news recently reports of how a slave before the Civil War was considered three-fifths of a human being. Nothing is further from the truth. This is a distortion of history and demonstrates how easily history can be cherry-picked when it suits the cause.

Letter: Schools should teach children how to think instead of what to think
Posted: August 17, 2015

My granddaughter is a kinesthetic learner; she learns by seeing and by doing. I learned the most in life with hands-on instruction and on-the-job training.

Saturday 08/15/2015
Letter: Level playing field needed in effort to fight large feeding operations
Posted: August 15, 2015

In an Aug. 6 Minnesota Lawyer article under the headline "Raising a Stink," the author showcases a pending nuisance lawsuit initiated by a group of local farm families against the Gorley Brothers, Iowa swine operators erecting a large sow production facility in Todd County. The Gorleys are represented by lobbyist and litigator Jack Perry.

Letter: Rochester City Council should reconsider second increase to taxi rates
Posted: August 15, 2015

I am writing to express my disappointment in the Rochester City Council for raising taxi rates again. In January the rates went up almost 40 percent, and now less than eight months later, they are going up again. I understand it had been a long time since the rates had been increased and a raise was probably due, but why so much so quickly?

Letter: Kindness to another shows there are good and helpful people in Rochester
Posted: August 15, 2015

There are good people in Rochester. On Aug. 4, at about 2 p.m., I witnessed a beautiful kindness at Walmart South while waiting in a check-out line.

Letter: New EPA Clean Water Rule will protect sources for drinking water
Posted: August 15, 2015

There have been far too many articles in papers lately about pets and people sickened from toxic algae blooms and other results of streams and lakes being polluted by agricultural and urban runoff.

Friday 08/14/2015
Letter: Name will make new senior center difficult for Rochester's visitors to find
Posted: August 14, 2015

With Destination Medical Center, we most likely will welcome more senior citizens to the city of Rochester. How will they be able to find the new senior center if it is not easily identifiable?

Letter: Mullein plants can provide an enjoyable tea and have history of other uses
Posted: August 14, 2015

I am glad Randy Chapman knows his tall mullein plants are not weeds. They will make wonderful tea — just dry the leaves and pour boiling water over them. I drink that type of tea and enjoy it.

Letter: Cost of flights in Rochester makes flying from Minneapolis a better option
Updated: August 14, 2015 - 3:00 pm

I worked as a travel agent for AAA from 1973 to 1984 when they had an office in the lower level of the Mayo Clinic building. At that time, Northwest and Republic Airlines competed for flights from Rochester and offered very inexpensive add-on fares on flights from Rochester making connections in Minneapolis.

Letter: Recent news stories appear to be depicting two very different cities
Updated: August 14, 2015 - 3:00 pm

As I read about Destination Medical Center, the hopeful progress of this growing city and how quickly state funding seems to appear to allow the process to move forward, it baffles me because I also read stories relating to assaults, burglaries, prostitution busts, drug busts, home invasions and shortage of shelters for homeless. Those sorts of stories are increasing every week.

Thursday 08/13/2015
Letter: Plight of veterans can put reaction to lion's death in perspective
Posted: August 13, 2015

I would like to add a few more comments on the attitudes of people today. I don't find fault with people taking exception to the great, brave lion hunter, but keep things in perspective.

Letter: Safety must be priority as Rochester grows with Destination Medical Center
Posted: August 13, 2015

I have noticed there is an article in the Post-Bulletin several times a week about someone being robbed, beaten or worse during a drug deal. What has happened to our city when a significant number of crime victims are people who are breaking the law?

Letter: Bernie Sanders will take on oligarchy that dominates America
Posted: August 13, 2015

Why vote for Bernie instead of Hillary?

Tuesday 08/11/2015
Letter: Shifting awareness of white Americans comes after years of ignoring message
Posted: August 11, 2015

An article in a metro daily on Aug. 6 reported on dramatic increase among white Americans who are now expressing concern about racial unfairness due to regular accounts of African Americans killed by white policemen. The response of some African Americans is "duh," we have been telling you about unfairness for years but you have not been listening.

Saturday 08/08/2015
Letter: Obamacare continues to provide problems for many Minnesotans
Posted: August 08, 2015

Obamacare (MNsure in Minnesota) has caused controversy since its inception. Under Obamacare, health-care costs have skyrocketed, and the system continues to be bogged down by technical glitches. Increasing costs are causing Minnesotans to worry.

Letter: Congress must help constituents know what they are consuming
Updated: August 08, 2015 - 10:17 am

I usually agree with positions taken by U.S. Rep. Tim Walz, D-Minn., but I strongly disagree with his recent vote in support of HR1599, which bans states from requiring that foods containing genetically engineered ingredients be labeled.

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