I grew up in a traditional, loving family, with one mother, one father,and one sibling. That was my experience, and that was what I knew.

During my career in medicine, I have come to appreciate that many family structures can love and support a person in need. I was heartened to see the many facets of families represented in a marvelous photographic exhibition currently on display at Mayo Clinic, entitled  "Love Makes a Family."

The pictures and stories provoke deeper thinking about what comprises family. These diverse families help us to recognize and celebrate lives different from our own.

In a recent address to the Mayo Clinic staff, our CEO, John Noseworthy, reminded us that Mayo strives to be "always inclusive, never exclusive," in serving all people in need.

"Love Makes a Family" is a powerful demonstration of the clinic's goal of inclusivity. It's a must-see! 


Lynn C. Hartmann