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YOU ASKED - Q Whose picture is painted on the tail fin of Alaska Airlines planes?

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Posted: Monday, February 10, 2003 12:00 am

AFrom a distance, it's hard to tell if it's a human face, a koala bear or just something scribbly on those tail fins.

It's a portrait of a human face -- sort of. The airline says it's an artful composite portrait of an Eskimo man, with his furry hood pulled up.

The company began using an Eskimo portrait on its planes back in the 1970s. The mug has been updated over the years to make him look a bit friendlier.

One plane in the Alaska Airlines fleet has an even happier face on the tail fin -- Mickey Mouse rides high on the airline's "Spirit of Disneyland" jet.

QWhat do the speed limit signs mean when they say, "20 mph when children are present" near schools? Does it mean when children are outside or does it apply during the entire school day?

AState law gives local authorities the right to establish a school speed limit near public and private schools. School speed limits are in effect when children are present, going to or leaving school during opening or closing hours, or during school recess periods.

The school speed limit can't be slower than 15 mph or faster than 20 mph.

QWhat's the construction going on at the Mayo Civic Center? Is it part of a new "uglification" project? We find the complex unattractive enough the way it is.

AThe work at the Civic Center is the beginning of a new Rochester Art Center, scheduled to open by spring 2004.

The current art center -- which will be demolished after the new center opens -- has an exhibit of drawings, models and a video showing what the new facility will look like.

I'll leave the aesthetic judgment to you.

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