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A city’s transit plan seems to be veering back on toward its original after the Rochester City Council faced the need to apply the brakes due to limited funding.

Did you miss the first year of First Kiss, the new University of Minnesota apple? A cross between a Honeycrisp and an apple from the University of Arkansas, the fruit delivers a well-loved crunch, lively flavor, and is sold out at most locations.

LunaFest, an evening of short films by and about women, will be presented Sept. 18 at Rochester Civic Theatre. Nine films by women will be screened at the festival, which is one of 175 fests to be held nationwide this year.

After taking the kids—all 10 to 12 year-olds—onto the field and showing them the executive suites, Dale Wolpers leads a classroom session, where he uses the game of baseball as a tool to teach them math.