A Duluth filmmaker wants you to open your mind to avant-garde film, and he has an easy entry point as well.

Allen Killian-Moore -- born in Rochester and now based in Duluth -- received a Springboard For The Arts Community Emergency Grant, which allowed him to pay other filmmakers for their work. The series will be available on his website, www.allenkillianmoore.com, for free after Friday.

“It’s a tough time for artists right now, in terms of having shows or showing their work in the community,” Killian-Moore said.

That may go double for the type of experimental filmmakers you’ll see Friday.

From "Miss Rose Fletcher" by Laska Jimsen
From "Miss Rose Fletcher" by Laska Jimsen

Killian-Moore is the founder of Saltless Sea Cinema, a micro-cinema series that features avant-garde film and videos. Normally, he hosts film events to raise money for other organizations, at small movie theaters or other in-person venues. But with those out of commission for the foreseeable future, Killian-Moore thought an online fest would do nicely.

Quarantine Cinema features works from a diverse group of Midwestern, avant-garde filmmakers, including Nik Nerburn, Laska Jimsen, Alan Gerlac, Torey Erin, Seth Dahlseid, Sky Hopinka, Billy T., and Marit Thursday.

“I had a vague theme of work that was speaking to the human condition and what it is to exist in this world,” Killian-Moore said. “That’s been on my mind a lot right now.”

The “fairly underground” films will likely be new to most viewers -- if you didn’t catch one or another at an art gallery or micro-cinema exhibit in the past, that is.

In fact, Killian-Moore is modeling the online exhibit after a traditional art exhibit, in that it’ll debut at 7 p.m. Friday -- a fixed time -- but be available online afterward, as with a display.

“It premieres at a certain time, but then you can go and see it any time afterward,” he said.

“Any time,” in this case, means as long as quarantine and social distancing last. Killian-Moore expects that it’ll be up until the end of August.

Most of the work will also be very accessible, even to viewers who haven’t experienced much experimental film.

Just keep one think in mind: Traditional film is to novels as avant-garde film is to poetry, he said.

“Its purpose is to leave an impression, or evoke an emotion, or get you thinking about an idea,” he said. “It has a lot of correlations with modern art and painting, and has more of an aesthetic feel to it … even though some of them do tell stories.”

From "wawa" by Sky Hopinka
From "wawa" by Sky Hopinka

How to watch

What: Quarantine Cinema

When: 7 p.m. Friday, May 1. The films will likely be available through August.

Link: www.allenkillianmoore.com

Quarantine Cinema lineup:

The Museum of Woodcarving - Nik Nerburn

Untitled (a puppet is free as long as it loves its strings) - Torey Erin and Seth Dahlseid

Permanent State of Exception - Allen Killian-Moore

wawa - Sky Hopinka

Snær Dance - Alan Gerlach

The Votive Cube - Merit Thursday

Miss Rose Fletcher - Laska Jimsen

Untitled Number One - Billy T.