Litter Bit Better may be postponed for most of the city, but that won’t stop dedicated litter-gatherers from cleaning up Slatterly Park this weekend.

When the city postponed most of the planned Litter Bit Better activities until October, Slatterly residents decided to groom their half of the park anyway, said Caitlin Doran, the president of the Slatterly Neighborhood Association.

After all, picking up trash on the east side of the park was a perfect social distancing activity, Doran said -- healthy, active, and very easy to do from six feet apart.

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“Once we heard that they were canceling until October, we thought, ‘Hey, we still want our park back,’” Doran said. “People are out and about even more than they were, and we want our park to be nice for everyone.”

This Saturday, May 16, the neighborhood invites even more people to help clean up the west side of the park. All you need is a part of gloves and a mask -- trash bags will be provided. Bring a trash picker if you have one, but they’re not necessary.

And as long as volunteers are conscious of each other, it’s “not a high-contact sport,” Doran said.

And while holding a city-wide cleanup might have overwhelmed Rochester’s workers this spring, Doran said the Slatterly residents are prepared to dispose of the collected trash easily -- probably by taking large recyclables to their own homes.

“On a small scale, we can handle it ourselves,” she said.

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The Slatterly neighborhood has seen increased interest in outdoor activities like community gardening since the start of quarantine, Doran added -- probably because gardening, like litter pickup, “is a perfect social-distancing activity.”

“We’re so limited in what we can do as a community,” she said. “But this is definitely something we can do. And hopefully (participants) will bring their families to the park afterward to see what they did.”

If the cleanup is rained out on Saturday, it will take place Sunday, May 17 instead.

If You Go

What: Litter Bit Better in Slatterly Park

When: 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Saturday, May 16

Where: Slatterly Park, 950 11th Ave. SE, Rochester

Bring: Gloves and a mask.