There’s a new one-stop-shop for all of Rochester’s underground hip-hop. It’s the 507 Creative Collective’s 507CC Wired online show.

The show, which premieres a new episode about every two weeks, promotes local hip-hop artists by shouting out upcoming releases and airing videos (as well as advertising local businesses and clothing). 507CC Wired asks artists to submit their videos and content by email, when uses those clips to flesh out 20-25 minute episodes on Facebook and YouTube. For instance, the second episode, which premiered on May 8, featured a snippet submitted by local favorite King Lunde from a track called “Who Says Brown Boys Can’t Fly.”

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The collective was founded by Nathan Hoover and Blake Sheppard, and they’ve partnered with promoter Seth Jurovich as a content collaborator and the new show’s host.

Seth Jurovich (contributed photo)
Seth Jurovich (contributed photo)

COVID-19’s social distancing requirements made it difficult even to set up live-streamed concerts, Jurovich said.

“I had just recently started working with the 507 Creative Collective to help with video production, and so working with what we had, we ended up producing a live-streamed internet show to give artists a chance to feature themselves during a time it isn’t feasible to do so in public,” Jurovich said.

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Jurovich says that he has been organizing, filming, and editing much of the show entirely on his phone since the first episode on April 26. Since then, he’s learned how to use a green screen and has overcome hurdles like slow internet speeds when uploading large content files.

He credited 507 Creative Collective founders Sheppard and Hoover for networking and getting submissions -- like each episode’s “friendly freestyle competition.” Each episode presents recorded freestyle rap over a beat selected by the winner of the previous competition. (Think A$AP Rocky’s “Potato Salad” beat.) Viewers vote for the favorite from the top three to five entries selected by the 507 Creative Collective. Then, the winner from each round gets their artist bio featured on the 507 Creative Collective Instagram page.

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“From the start 507CC has been a voice for the community,” co-founder Blake Sheppard said, “and there is no time more important than now to amplify those voices. We hope our platform can help connect the community to local content that helps create real-world change.”

Going forward, the show wants to increase its audience, but is also committed to staying true to its roots and promoting the underground scene. Interested performers can email their content to -- including music videos and new track promotions.

Want to check out the show?

The next episode is set to be released Friday, June 12. Follow the 507CC on Instagram @507creativecollective or catch a live premiere of the show on their YouTube channel or Facebook page.