Turn on your television — Riverside Concerts, the city’s music department, will present a revamped, edited concert series via Facebook, YouTube and the local government access cable channels beginning the first week of November.

To start, Riverside Concerts has revamped six shows from its own concert series from over the summer, including footage from their Car Park Concerts in the first few weeks.

The Car Park concerts particularly saw less viewership than Assistant General Manager Chris Alcott thought the bands deserved. Audiences weren’t quite used to seeing Riverside Concerts stream live events, and multi-camera shoots came with a learning curve early on.

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But that raw material is being turned into something truly impressive, he said.

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“Now we’ve had a chance to edit all that — we’ve remastered the sound,” he said. “We want to take it into a new concept, a musical television show.”

Lady Midnight album cover (contributed by Riverside Concerts)
Lady Midnight album cover (contributed by Riverside Concerts)

Each of the concerts will stream several times (see schedule below), beginning with local folk band Good Morning Bedlam, punk group Karate Chop, Silence, and rockers Under the Pavilion, then continuing with sound-check-turned-show by General Manager Steven Schmidt in late November and early December, and ending with shows by Dos Santos (previously part of the World Music Series) and Lady Midnight (from the Rochester Community Celebration stream) in December.

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Good Morning Bedlam singer Isaak Gill Elker said the band’s Car Park Concert was one of the most fun concerts they played over the summer — the drive-in audience felt more like a normal concert than they’d had in a while.

All musicians and artists benefit from having a polished version of a broadcast out in the world, Elker said — Good Morning Bedlam will be able to share the revamped livestream with other entities who may be looking for bands to livestream over the winter, as the cold makes it difficult to play outside.

“There’s a lot of creativity in (saying) OK, we can’t do live shows, how are we going to make this work?” Elker said. “That’s what’s so cool about the livestream stuff that’s happening. And the response has been good. Nothing beats a live show, for sure, but this is a good secondary to that.”

Look for Good Morning Bedlam to play in Florida and Georgia in November, and keep an ear out — they’ll be hitting the studio over the winter. Check their Instagram (@goodmorningbedlamofficial) for the latest updates.

The shows will be streamed beginning Thursday, Nov. 5, from Riverside Concerts’ Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts, and on the local government access cable channels (Spectrum Channel 180 and MetroNet Channel 80). All Facebook Live broadcasts will be cross-posted to Riverside Concerts’ partner accounts.

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The concert shows will take the place of “Riverside Concerts Presents,” Schmidt said in a press release, in the interest of protecting musicians and viewers.

“We livestreamed and/or recorded each of those shows, and while we had nice viewership for the livestreams, we thought these amazing shows in these incredible venues really deserved more opportunities to be seen,” he added. “It is these recordings, from this very unusual but rewarding summer of events, that make up this debut season of ‘Live from Med City’.”

Live from Med City Schedule

Good Morning Bedlam | Nov. 5-12 | 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Karate Chop, Silence | Nov. 12-19 | 7 a.m and 6 p.m.

Under the Pavilion | Nov. 19-26 | 7 a.m and 6 p.m.

From “Car Park Concerts” at 125 LIVE

Steven J. Schmidt | Nov. 26-Dec. 3 | 7 a.m and 6 p.m.

From the second-floor lobby of the Mayo Civic Center

Dos Santos | Dec. 3-10 | 7 a.m and 6 p.m.

From the “World Music Series” at the Mayo Civic Center

Lady Midnight | Dec. 10-17 | 7 a.m and 6 p.m.

From the “Rochester Community Celebration” at the Mayo Civic Center