Michelle Palmer, the New Yorker-turned-Minnesotan behind Black Label Art & Apothecary, posts (and sells) line art and commissions through her artistic account. You’ve seen her work in person at Nupa and on downtown utility boxes. Check out her saved stories for a glimpse at the work that goes into large projects.


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Feeling starved for the outdoors? Tyler Anderson can help with that. The photographer behind @driftless.visuals and @south.eastmn shares cityscape and natural photos that bring out the beauty of the Root River Valley area.

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In case you needed a reminder that fabrics are an excellent artistic medium: Jeweler and textiles artist Tierney Welter posts photos of her embroidery, loom knits, and jewelry made with repurposed materials. Follow along to get a taste of the pieces you can buy at Canvas & Chardonnay or Café Steam. She also has a photography page, @tierney_lynne.

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