Fiber artist Amarama Vercnocke is everywhere — their creations have popped up at art fairs over the past year, they used to help run Neon Green art studio in the Castle Community, and they’re one of the most outspoken promoters of visual arts in town. Following them means you’ll also get regular updates about other artists in their circle. Right now, you can find their needle-felted gnomes at the Threshold Arts store next to Café Steam.


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Mary Beth Magyar, a multidisciplinary artist, has been working on "scgraffito" (scratched ceramics) lately, but you can see her work in person by checking out the Meadow Park Initiative murals, created through CARES Act funding. We also like learning about Magyar’s work at Rochester’s Alternative Learning Center, where she teaches students who don’t thrive in traditional classes.


You might remember Chris Rackley because of his pop-culture-inflected portraiture — or maybe that magnificent moving gallery wall from earlier in the pandemic. However, right now, we’re watching him work through the “Haiku House Project,” an at-home art project he created for his neighbors with help from a Springboard for the Arts grant. The project asked respondents to create house-shaped paper puppets, then write poetry related to their own homes, to be edited into a video. We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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