Before the pandemic, Kate Klaus was a regular at Rochester’s concerts and live music events — lens in hand. Nowadays, you can follow her feed for throwbacks, nature shots, and the odd behind-the-scenes look at socially distanced events. (She’s a good follow now, but it’ll be a GREAT move once all the concerts come back!)


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This one’s a little out of Southeast Minnesota, but it’s worth it. Photographer Ian Hanson has been sightseeing in Minnesota for a while now — catch his photos of state parks and hikes before he moves on!


You probably already know Leah Bee from Canvas & Chardonnay (or the Rochester Instagram account that took submissions during the first stretch of quarantine). But if you follow this particular account, you’ll also get a look at her own artwork — and no, it’s not the kind you’ll emulate in a C&C painting class.

Thanks for submitting photos and bios to our artist features for the past few months! If you know of (or have) a cool, artistic Instagram account, feel free to email us at ahalliwell@rochestermagazine.com or message our IG account, @507magazine.