An 11-year-old artist won the Rochester Pride T-shirt design contest last week — and you can purchase her art over the next week only.

Abigail Sievers, a sixth-grader at Friedell Middle School, submitted a drawing of joyous, multicolored figures celebrating to convey “happiness for everyone and being OK with who you are.”

The T-shirts — proceeds from which will raise money for Rochester Pride 2021 — are on sale at until April 15.

Sievers learned about the T-shirt contest from her older sister, who also submitted a design for the competition.

“I thought it sounded cool and was interested in participating in Rochester Pride,” Sievers said.

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She had been to a Nashville Pridefest in 2019 (“a bit overwhelming because it was so large, but I had a lot of fun”).

“I think it was a good experience, and it exposed me to a lot of new things, like all the different pride flags and their meanings,” she said.

Sievers learned she had won the contest in the middle of a Dungeons and Dragons session with family friends. “I was ecstatic with so many happy feelings,” she said. “I felt like a glitter bomb exploded in me.”

As the contest winner, Sievers and her family will have a booth at the upcoming Pride festival on Sept. 25. Her family plans to sell Pride bracelets — catch them at Mayo Park in the fall!

Rochester Pride will take place Saturday, Sept. 25, from noon to 5 p.m. at Mayo Park. Pride T-shirts, designed by Abigail Sievers, are available at through April 15.