Don’t miss Miss Myra’s eclectic outdoor concert. The St. Paul-based guitarist, pianist and singer will perform solo, featuring her original blend of ragtime, Western swing, blues, gypsy jazz, classical, and New Orleans music.

She’ll be swinging by the Chatfield City Park band shell on Friday at 7 p.m.

The concert is being presented by the Chatfield Center for the Arts. In case of cold or rainy weather, the show will be held just across the street, backstage at the Potter Auditorium.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Django Reinhardt and Errol Garner, Miss Myra Burnette has created her own heartfelt sound. Whether she’s playing a guerilla-style pop-up concert or balancing on a pontoon boat with her band the Moonshiners, her music keeps audiences tapping their toes and is certain to entertain.

For her Chatfield show, she promises you’ll see her “more intimate side.”

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Miss Myra took some time to answer questions for 507 readers.

How did you get interested in music?

I was raised by older parents with roots in rural Minnesota, and I grew up listening to the music of their youth from the ’40s and ’50s. My parents sent me to piano lessons starting when I was 5, (and) as a teenager, I began to explore ragtime music on piano and then segued into swing music after that.

This solo show will feature you on several instruments. How would you describe your guitar style?

I am hugely inspired by Django Reinhardt, but am kind of a butterfly when it comes to my influences. My sweet spot is between the early acoustic players of the ’20s and early pioneers of electric guitar. I love Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson, but also am inspired by T-Bone Walker and Charlie Christian. As a fan of Western swing, I’m also really into Jimmie Rivers, Junior Barnard, and I also love guitarists who can do chordal soloing really well, like Allan Reuss.

Who are some of your pianist influences?

I’m partial to Romantic classical composers like Chopin and Liszt. ... Some of my favorite ragtime composers are Scott Joplin, of course, Joseph Lamb and Artie Matthews. My favorite pianist to listen to is Errol Garner, because his improvisational style is so tasteful.

What is appealing to you about performing a "vintage" style of music?

It makes me profoundly happy to play it, and I can see that it really brings people joy. When I’m behind my guitar and I can feel the vibrations of the instrument as I’m locking in with the bass player and the band really starts to swing, that’s when I’m in my happy place.

How do you feel about outdoor shows?

I love most things about them! Right now, during COVID times, I much prefer them because they feel safer for everyone. Although, wind has not been my friend for outdoor shows. Back when I had a sousaphone for a bass with the Moonshiners, we were playing an outdoor festival and the wind actually knocked the sousaphone right out of my sousa player’s hands, and it came crashing down right in the middle of a song.

If you go

What: Miss Myra

Where: Chatfield City Park Band Shell, 305 Main St. S. In case of inclement weather, the backstage of Potter Auditorium, 405 Main St. S, Chatfield.

When: 7 p.m. Friday, April 30

Cost: $10 for VIP tickets (reserved seating in front of the band shell and admittance to the Potter Auditorium backstage in case of inclement weather). General admission free. Bring your own chair for outdoor show.