Cassandra Buck, a well-known name in Rochester’s art scene, posts photos of her work all over town — lately, there are several mural commissions to catch up on (and maybe see in person)! Hint: You can also follow @cloverrosemn, the account for Buck’s vintage/handmade goods shop, for another look at her work.


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You may know Kalianne Morrison from her work at the Rochester Art Center, Art on the Ave or Art4Trails. Her personal Instagram account is a mix of behind-the-scenes photos from those art scenes, and travel pictures.


Stephanie Kuglin tried out pottery in high school, then took a 20-year break from the wheel. Fortunately, she found her way back! Catch her work online at hilltopclay.com, or at any number of Southeast Minnesota art fests (like the recent market at Little Thistle).

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