The artist: NoTrace

The sound: Maurice Blount, the man behind the music, has dabbled in country-pop, freestyle rap, and traditional hip-hop. His latest EP, “The Final Master” (released May 28), is an energetic blend of hip-hop and EDM vibes.

Single cover, "The Final Master" by NoTrace (contributed photo)
Single cover, "The Final Master" by NoTrace (contributed photo)

How you know him: Over the years, Blount has released plenty of music, including 2011’s “Heavy Heart,” 2018’s “Empath,” and 2019 releases like “Vibrations.

We recommend… “The Final Master” at This EP came about because Blount’s larger project was delayed, but he wanted to put out something new even with his full budget tied up. “This project is about independence, being resourceful, partnerships, and creating something out of nothing,” he said.

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