Talk about appealing to a wide range of ages in music and you're singing Miriam Haacke's tune.

After fielding her 3-year-old son Murray’s many requests for “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” she manages to write and record music and rehearse for live shows. This spring, she’s preparing to release an album of her original music entitled “Family.”

For the past eight years, Haacke has been playing her music for live audiences. Though she started performing at lots of open mics, she remembers her first official gig at Rochester Community and Technical College in 2013.

"I opened for a screamo band,” she said. “My music has a pretty chill vibe — acoustic singer-songwriter stuff — so it was kind of funny that I was the opener for such a head-banging band, but I was just happy to play live for people.”

Since that first gig, Haacke’s had many more. Now, she’s even fulfilled a request to play her own song to help celebrate her client’s important life moment.

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“Last year I was hired to play a wedding,” she said, “and the bride requested one of my original songs to be played during the ceremony. Made me feel pretty good.”

Haacke’s love of music grew out of singing with her church choir as a child. At times, the choir would sing at nursing homes and then talk with the residents.

“I remember seeing how much the music and a simple face-to-face interchange could change a person’s outlook for the better,” she said.

When Haacke performs, she becomes something of a one-woman-band. As she sings and plays guitar, she’ll also use feet pedals to play a bass drum and a foot shaker. She has a haunting voice that lends itself to a somber mood, although some of her music is more playful. Her songs frequently focus on human relationships.

Brandi Carlile, Norah Jones, Carole King, and Joni Mitchell are all artists who inspire Haacke. She said jazz and unique chord changes influence her music, and he’s drawn to a melding of jazz and folk.

Haacke first began song writing in high school. For her, the process begins with chords on the guitar. Then, she adds a sung melody, and the words are the final ingredient.

“After I figure out the music, the words and the theme of the song will eventually hit me,” she said. “Usually, it’s something I’m going through and need to process through song.”

As her life has changed, Haacke’s music has too.

“Five years ago, I got married, and now we have two kids,” she said. While her children mean that Haacke is more excited about playing brunch and afternoon gigs than late night shows, her family also has helped her create new music. She says that more than half the songs on her upcoming release, “Family,” are about her family and close friends.

For her forthcoming record, Haacke wrote songs for her 3-year-old son Murray and her 18-month-old son Manny. She also wrote a song for her husband Matt.

“‘Wedding Song’ was what I wrote for my husband and played at our wedding as a gift for him,” she said.

Her songs also deal with the complexities of family life such as “juggling a relationship with kids in the mix,” as well as the idea that humanity as-a-whole is a family.

Though she isn’t a confident public speaker, Haacke said performing for an audience is exciting.

“I love getting in the zone and just feeling the music,” she said. “When I can sing something I’ve written, or a cover that I’ve made my own, being on stage energizes me.”

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What: Miriam Haacke

When: 7-10 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 20

Where: Forager Brewery 1005 Sixth St. NW, Rochester

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