The concept for the latest Fires of Denmarkalbum came to Mike Terrill almost a year ago. The album was recorded in December.

The message of its first single couldn’t be more timely.

" Start Living Outside of Time" will be released Friday, April 24. The song examines how people live by the clock and calendar -- or used to, before a global pandemic has sequestered people in their homes with the days and hours blending together.

"This kind of threw the whole philosophy on its head," Terrill said.

Terrill said that despite imagining living outside time, the reality of it is different than what he envisioned.

"It changes the way you move through the day when you start living outside time," he said.

The song, a bass-heavy, danceable rock song, debuted on Minnesota Public Radio’s The Currentlast weekend.

Terrill said he envisioned a collaborative album in which a bass riff was the anchor, and musicians played around it as they saw fit.

Nick Truxal, of Sterling and the Silver Linings provided the bass with some guidance from Terrill -- but not much. The two were on the same page from the beginning of recording, Terrill said.

"I’ve been playing with him for 18 years," Terrill said. "We’re very symbiotic with our playing."

Sean Laurie, who performs as Topo, and Gina Marie from My Grandma’s Cardigan also contributed to the album.

Terrill said the musicians found their slots effortlessly. He set ground rules early.

"We had the rule no hot dogging (showing off) and everything has to serve the groove," he said. "One of the songs was recorded off the first take from the first time we all got together."

"Start Living Outside of Time" is available on most streaming services, including Spotifyand iTunes, Friday.

The full album, "Relativity," is set for release this summer.