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Most Minnesota farmers took advantage this week of the few days that were suitable for fieldwork to get crops in the ground before falling behind schedule.

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Post Bulletin, Can you run an article that covers what Mayo Clinic contributes to the community in charities annually? I am mostly curious as to how the largest non-profit in the world stacks up in giving back to its own community. — Emily T.

Art On The Avenue, run by a 501 C3 arts organization in the Slatterly Park neighborhood, is celebrating its 10th go-round with more live art, music, and food than ever.

P!nk was back performing in the Twin Cities May 5. But that wasn’t the only cool part of the night for a Rochester woman. Amy Britain was able to have her own special moment with the singer, acrobat, and mom when she handed her a pink “Make Racism Wrong Again” hat – which she then wore onstage.

Luke Hendrickson, a local singer/songwriter, took to Kickstarter to secure funds for his first full-length album. And Kickstarter delivered. When we talked to Hendrickson on May 9, the project was a little under 80 percent funding Now, he’s hit the $3,500+ mark, and that full-length album ha…

LIVINGSTON — Barely a year after solemnly declining his induction into the Montana Football Hall of Fame in hopes of delivering a message to parents about concussions, Corey Widmer is like an oversized kid in an ice cream parlor as he grabs a handful of apples and reaches from an observation deck toward an advancing brigade of equally burly draft horses.

I cannot restrain myself! I won’t be able to sleep nights if I do not do all I possibly can to fight the measles epidemic. This means I will have to repeat some things I have written before and say some harsh things.

VINTON – Nurses are vital links in the care needed by every patient seeking to recover from ill health. They are passionate about their profession and proud of the impact they can have in the lives of people.

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