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A man was arrested early Monday morning while attempting to hitchhike on U.S. Highway 52 after he allegedly punched a paramedic multiple times in the face.

As an 8-year-old, I remember carrying with me, for a few weeks straight, a folded-up piece of paper with a list of male names on it: Archie, Quincy, Bo, Luke, J.R., Bosley. Names I mostly took from the era’s TV shows. I carried this paper with me so that if the phone rang, and if I answered …

In a world where automobiles have tail fins and lunch may include three martinis, may we present, for your consideration, the Continental Room at the Hotel Carlton.

Usually, the return of sunny summer skies is a mood-booster — a chance to get outdoors, socialize more, and escape from the seasonal feelings of depression many people experience.

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