Last week I wrote about how chilly it was, and now this week we are wishing we had some of that cool air. It has been a warm, muggy week. We had a thunderstorm and quite a bit of rain during the night. Maybe the rain will cool it down.

You know you’re deep in the rabbit hole when bad news — say, a government report that shows steep cuts in anticipated 2019 crop yields — is good news because it will hopefully boost prices.

Farmers are used to dealing with unpredictability when it comes to the weather, commodity prices, even equipment and animal health. But one thing they shouldn’t have to plan for is unpredictability from their government.

In an era of low agricultural commodity prices, plus the history of the Democratic Party and the approach to agricultural policy that it developed during the Great Depression, it should come as no surprise that two of the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination for president have co…

It’s a cool morning with the thermometer almost down to the 50-degree mark. The redness from the sunrise is so bright, promising a beautiful day with the sun warming up the outside world. I have a few gas lights on to warm up the house for baby Ryan.

For the first time since at least 1980, we have presidential candidates who have designed their proposed agricultural policies based on the economic characteristics of the crop sector: the low price elasticity of both supply and demand.

The Harvest Moon — given the name by American Indians because it is the full moon closets to the autumn equinox — arrives Sept. 14. Farmers, before the advent of electricity, took advantage of the Harvest Moon’s light to harvest later in the night.

The widespread flooding of this spring and early summer that resulted in delayed and prevented planting, along with the extreme dry conditions and devastating fires last summer in California, have raised the visibility of the issue of climate change for many people.

On Saturday, sisters Verena and Susan hosted the annual family reunion on my side of the family. It was greatly attended, with only seven of my parents’ grandchildren not attending. 

The scheme was hatched on hot August day when school-free days were nearing their end. We would ride our bicycles 10 miles to an ice cream shop to purchase treats.

There was a lot of anticipation leading up to the Aug. 12 USDA Crop Report, but a very “bearish” report resulted in a decline of nearly 50-cents per bushel in the December corn futures price from Aug. 9 to Aug. 19.