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LIME SPRINGS, Iowa — Upper Iowa Beef, a locally sourced beef processing plant in Lime Springs, is planning a $7 million expansion to its facility.

Ed Greiman, general manager for Upper Iowa Beef, presented its expansion plans to the Lime Springs City Council in August.

The project will be done in two phases, according to Greiman, and it will double the size of the facility. The first part of the project will be to put a roof over the pen area in the back of the facility, and the second part will be the addition of a larger packaging area.

In all, the expansion will add 27,000 square feet to its existing facility and increase its processing capacity from 500 head a week to about 1,500 head.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority approved state incentives for Upper Iowa Beef at its meeting on Sept. 20.

“This is a locally sourced, state-of-the-art beef processing facility in Lime Springs," said Jacque Matsen, IEDA spokesperson. Lime Springs is a community of about 500 on U.S. 63, just south of the Minnesota-Iowa border. 

According to IEDA, the expansion is planned to serve Upper Iowa Beef's current base of about 70 customers. The IEDA board awarded the beef company tax benefits through its High Quality Jobs program because of Upper Iowa Beef's commitment to invest $7 million in the expansion and create about 75 jobs, 20 of which will have a starting wage around $22 per hour.

Upper Iowa Beef started as Lime Springs Beef in 2016, serving about 60 cattleman families. After more shareholders got involved the next year, the business changed its name to Upper Iowa Beef.

Greiman operates a cattle operation with his brother in Garner, Iowa, along with being the general manager for Upper Iowa Beef.

In a client spotlight video for CITY Laundering Co., Greiman said he wanted to connect the dots in the cattle-to-table workflow.

"My brother and I would send our cattle every week to one of our packers, and I have a lot of personal friends who are packers, but I had this idea that if I’m going to raise the cattle, I’d like to see it all the way to the end of somebody eating our product," said Greiman in the video.

He said what makes the company different than other beef companies, is that customers can know exactly where the cattle are coming from.

"We want to bring our cattle to our own facility and then hook up with somebody who enjoys eating a good product,” said Greiman in the video. “It’s all about know your farmer, know your food."

According to its website, the Upper Iowa Beef facility is currently a 25,175-square-foot plant that processes 108 animals per day, 300 days a year. The plant is designed to process local cattle to satisfy local demand.

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