MONTGOMERY, Minn. -- Southern Minnesota dairy producers are invited to a seminar on Jan. 20 being conducted by the University of Minnesota Extension, Minnesota Dairy Initiative, Minnesota Milk, and Midwest Dairy Association.

This combined meeting and educational seminar will be from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Montgomery American Legion Post 79, 102 Elm Ave. SW, Montgomery. Lunch is included.

The seminar is designed to help farmers communicate their operation’s environmental impact to consumers. 

Consumers are demanding more information about how their food is produced. Dairy producers must be ready to field questions about their farm’s environmental sustainability and discuss how they are striving to improve their operation.

Dr. Erin Cortus, professor and University of Minnesota Extension specialist in biosystems engineering, will present "Calculating and Communicating Carbon Footprints in the Dairy Industry."

"A carbon footprint is one of the many ways we can describe environmental stewardship to the public," he said. "In the future, carbon footprints or similar metrics will increasingly be used in supply chains, as well as product marketing."