Hoffman farm

Corey Hoffman walks with his daughter, Tira, helping her pick up screws and nails.

CHATFIELD — One of the remnants of a barn collapse are thousands of nails and screws littering the ground, waiting to puncture tires, skin or worse.

Such was the case at North-Creek Dairy near Chatfield after a barn roof fell under heavy snow in February.

The solution? Pay the kids to pick up the small bolts, nails and screws.

Corey Hoffman told his daughter and son that he’d give them 10 cents for every screw or nail they found.

“I didn’t really think they’d be into it that much. Then she filled up two 5-gallon pails,” he said of his daughter Tira.

His daughter is now obsessed with picking them up, he said, and making great money for a 4-year old.

“It doesn’t matter what she’s doing or playing with, if I bring it up, she’ll beg me to go pick up screws and nails,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman said just when they think they’ve got them all, she’ll find more.

Still, he said, paying the kids to pick up nails and screws is cheaper than replacing the farm vehicle tires they were puncturing.

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