Unease is settling into farm country as thick as fog on a mid-September morning. Uncertainty is the primary culprit as fall begins and frustration builds.

Farm bankruptcies increased 96 percent in 2018 from a decade ago in the 8th Circuit Court of appeals, which covers Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota and Arkansas. The numbers aren’t any better in the other circuit courts across the nation.

A recent article from the Farm Bureau is claiming Iowa families don't have any reason to be scared to drink Iowa's water. this claim left me in a state of shock considering Iowa has over 750 impaired waterways.

The losses due to the Chinese trade dispute are astronomical and are likely to breach the stratosphere unless cooler heads prevail in Washington D.C., and in China.

President Donald Trump helped farmers last month by expanding the H-2A program to allow 15,000 more temporary workers to enter the country.

Collin Peterson, once among the leaders of the moderate Blue Dog Democrats who worked with moderate Republicans to fashion legislation in Congress, has represented Minnesota’s 7th District since 1991.