The American Public Health Association recently issued an official policy statement recommending that local, state and federal governments place an immediate moratorium on all new and expanding concentrated animal feeding operations.

Farmers generally agree that they would rather obtain income through the marketplace than from the government. There has always been a certain segment of the farming population that government involvement has hurt more than it helped.

Access to high-speed broadband technology has been limited for many rural residents and efforts to ensure availability have been slow despite the best efforts of Minnesota state government.

The African swine outbreak in China, which was first detected in 2018, is mushrooming fast. A big factor that has allowed the disease to spread so quickly in the communist nation is that farmers and local officials were slow to report outbreaks out of fear they would be entangled in a bureau…

An isolated doomsday vault located between Norway and the Arctic Circle contains 930,000 seeds from food crops around the world. A huge steel door protects the entrance to the facility, which is deep inside a mountainside.

The University of Minnesota Southern Research and Outreach Center’s 2020 Winter Crops Day will be Jan. 17 at the outreach center in Waseca and at the Heintz Center in Rochester.

There are many reasons why 2019 could not come to an end quick enough. For many farmers, the growing season was among the worst in recent memory.

The “shop local and buy local’’ movement gets national attention on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, but it should be a priority year-round.

Isaac Orr’s “Environmental groups take aim at Minn. farmers,” published in Agri News on Nov. 4, does a disservice to Minnesota independent family farmers, rural residents and all the citizens who share a deep commitment to standing up for stewardship of the land as well as vibrant and viable…

The farm crisis should be of great concern to all of us. It affects our neighbors, our local economies, our most fundamental way of life.

Minnesota and Iowa have lost nearly half of their dairy herds in the past decade. Dairy operations are failing at an alarming rate as the number of farm bankruptcies continues to increase.

It’s important to separate President Donald Trump’s words from his actions. That was made obvious last month when the administration sided with the Environmental Protection Agency against the U.S. Department of Agriculture with regards to renewable fuels.

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