I feel for the small farmer. Things are so out of hand. The competition is unreal.

A farmer gets no bonus pay, no vacation pay, no sick pay, no raises, unpredictable weather. Getting a good night’s sleep, no. No 9-to-5, 8-to-4 hours. Try 18 to 22 hours. Now, you’re probably saying, a farmer gets into farming and expects the best, well, how about you? You go into a job and expect the best also. We all deserve it!

Farmers go into farming to carry on the family farm, it’s their dream, or they want to prove what they can do. The good points outweigh the bad: a new baby calf, a litter of pigs, knee high corn by the 4th of July, a good hay crop, a pail of fresh laid eggs, these are the rewards in farming. If you have good luck. A farmer depends on the weather, it depends if he gets the crops in; or if he gets them in, can he get a good crop and a good price. There’s always "if."

The future looks bleak for farmers; it’s a big gamble. You see more auctions than you want to and I think the sales barns see it too. There’s a big change in farming.

If you know a farmer, see a farmer, tell them "thank you." Lend a hand too. They were and are your "bread and butter." Don’t forget that.

Bonnie Broton,Dodge Center