Andrew Whitmyer

Dew points will stay up today through the first half of Saturday.
Our active pattern continues today with scattered showers and thunderstorms.
As we head into the second half of this week we are now in a more active weather pattern.
Tracking showers this Mother's Day weekend along with cooler temperatures.
Tracking some sunshine and highs near 50 today & Friday. More clouds Saturday with low 50s. Sunshine and mid 50s Sunday.
Chance of a passing rain/snow shower in the morning with highs in the mid-40s. Some sunshine and 50s Thursday & Friday.
A break from the rain heads our way this weekend.
Tuesday will bring our last "mild" day for awhile. Tracking soggy days ahead.
Showers expected today. Sunshine and warmer Sunday.
60s with gusts into the 40s Sunday. Soaking rain next week.