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One of the most significant lessons my dad taught this farmer’s daughter was to lead by example.
Three insects are determined to make their way inside our house: boxelder bugs, Asian lady beetles and stripey flies.
Optimal weather conditions during the 2022 growing season appear to have yielded many farmers across the northern Plains and Montana canola, dry edible beans and sunflower yields that are at the least better-than-average and at the best, bumper crops.
"In my recollection, most years just when the colors are at their peek — mostly yellow in my neighborhood — strong winds hurl the leaves from the trees, swirling them onto roads, field edges and across yards."
The North Dakota Mill and Elevator opened its doors in Grand Forks on Oct. 20, 1922, after several decades of attempts by farmers to halt the hold the grain trade had on pricing and grain grading.
"As an agricultural reporter, my job is to report the news."
A desire for the rural lifestyle and the opportunity to carry on the family farming legacy were two of the major reasons that influenced Nick Hagen’s decision to farm.
Like many farms of the late 1800s and early 1900s vintage, ours has several wooden outbuildings, each of them named to reflect their original function.
Chance Jacobson, Hatton, North Dakota, was injured on July 18, 2022, when he was driving a side-by-side utility vehicle home after an afternoon of checking on and repairing pasture fences.
Ranchers or farmers can donate meat, including beef, chicken and pork from North Dakota-raised livestock, or donors can give money that will be used to purchase the meat from ranches and farms within the state.