DES MOINES —Niman Ranch and celebrity chefs from around the country treated farmers who raise hogs to a gourmet meal.

Guest chefs were David Bull, Congress Restaurant, Austin, Texas; Ann Quatrano, Bacchanalia, Atlanta; Jack Riebel, Buter & The Boar, Minneapolis; Jodie Rogers and Clark Norris, Deer Valley Resort, Deer Valley, Utah; Kevin Sbraga, SBRAGA, Philadelphia; and Alex Yellan, Pok Pok, Brooklyn.

"Each of these chefs has shown a commitment to using humanely and sustainably raised pork in their restaurants," said Paul Wills, Niman Ranch Pork Co. founder and manager. "Our farmers take pride in raising hogs traditionally but often do not get to see how chefs use the pork on their menus, so we bring the restaurants to them.

Iowa farmers recognized ofr their 10th anniversayr with Niman Rnach are Steve Coop, of Brighton; Steve Eden, of Wesley; Christ E. Borntreger, of Riceville; Keith Derrik and Julie Johnson, of Algona; Dave Meinders, of Swaledale; and Jeff, Bev, Justin, Sarah, Michael, Caleb and Luke Meyer, of Calmar.

Minnesota farmers recognized for their 10th anniversary with the company are Marvin Peters, of Lake City; Warren Engelbrecht, of Alexandria; Paul Sobocinski, of Wabasso; and Keith Ellis, of Austin.

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Farmers recognized for being this year's Top 10 Pork Quality Winners included Chris Scheer, of Lowden, Iowa, first; Dwight and Grant Ault, of Austin, Minn., third; Travis and Deb Flaherty, of Stratford, Iowa, fifth; Del Hamilton, of Latimer, Iowa, sixth; Keith Ellis, of Austin, Minn., seventh; Ron Moen, of Decorah, eighth, and Iowans Tim Cook, of Cascade, and Gary Riniker, of Bernard, 10th.

Crowe Farmers of Monroe City, Mo., was honored as the Farmer of the Year. The operation has 200 sows farrowing on pasture. Roger Crowe has transitioned the farm to his son, Keith; his wife, Jane; their son, Adair, and his wife, Alyssa; and two daugthers, Mackenszie and Madeline. Adair is the primary manager of the operation.