Bailey Mueller is a busy high school student.

She plays tennis in fall, basketball in winter, volunteers at the Mower County Humane Society and has been a Girl Scout for eight years.

The 14-year-old lives with her parents, two brothers and the family’s three cats, who were adopted from the Mower County Humane Society.

As a Girl Scout, Bailey had the opportunity to earn the Girl Scout Silver Award, which requires completing a "Take Action Project." Bailey had to identify a problem, find its root cause, find a solution with a long-term impact and create a solution that is sustainable.

Bailey said that as she has volunteered at the humane society, she realized what the needs of the organization were.

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"I saw that often the kittens were always adopted, and people are superstitious about black cats so there are a lot of adult black cats that don’t get adopted," she said.

To earn her Girl Scout Silver Award, she decided to find ways to promote the humane society and its work in hopes of finding homes for more of the animals, especially the ones who have been there for a long time.

"Completing the Silver Award Project was the most challenging project I have ever worked on through Girl Scouts," said Bailey. "But it was worth it in the end, because it taught me how to reach the community with good information about the humane society."

Throughout the year, Bailey has donated about 50 hours of her time to the humane society, including designing a brochure and other informational pieces that can be updated and re-used.

Kelly Rush, who also volunteers at the humane society said, "Bailey has helped with a variety of projects at the humane society, including taking care of the cats last summer and making information tags for the outside of the cat kennels."

Mueller also organized a pet workshop that will be held at Oak Park Mall on Saturday. The workshop will include fun activities, a craft project and speakers from the humane society and Austin Veterinary Clinic.

Oct. 1 marks the kick-off of events of the Girl Scout organization’s 100-year celebration. Information and registration for those interested in joining Girl Scouts will be provided at Saturday’s event, or you may contact Mary Goetz at (507) 219-9031 or 1-800-845-0787 or visit the Girl Scout website at