The Scary Guyhas been traveling for 13 years to pursue his mission of "the total elimination of hate, violence and prejudice worldwide." He gets requests, though he can't meet them all, from 95 countries to spread his message. He receives 10,000 letters and messages a month with thank-yous from kids.

Next stop for The Scary Guy? Austin. He arrived on Friday and begins his official effort on Monday.

"I can't wait to meet everyone," The Scary Guy said.

He will be in town through Nov. 11 to spread his message and promote "peace through the teaching of love and acceptance of all people," according to his website. It was the Community Against Bullyinggroup in Austin that worked toward the goal of bringing The Scary Guy to town.

It appears what CAB has been doing, since it came together in February, is unique; The Scary Guy said he has never seen a group like CAB in all of the places he's traveled to worldwide.

"I think it's absolutely outstanding," The Scary Guy said. "I've never seen a group of people in one city so dedicated and so focused on making something a reality."

He said he thinks this group could set a standard for dealing with bullying. The Scary Guy said he has encountered smaller groups that have the same hopes and desires, but none have come to fruition. It's not just about a bunch of talk; something like this takes action as well, he said.

He was also impressed with the organization of the group's chairwoman Danielle Borgerson-Nesvold, especially for the Take It To the Streets fundraiser event in August in which CAB raised $6,000 toward its goal of $20,000 to bring The Scary Guy to Austin.

"When I heard she was standing on street corners with pails, with a bucket out asking people to contribute to this project, I knew right away that this was dynamic," The Scary Guy said. "I think what that is, is that's a statement to the community, 'hey, we're gonna do whatever it takes to make this a better place. Even if it means standing on street corners and kids getting involved and doing dynamic things like that.'"

However, The Scary Guy knows he's not well-received by everyone, everywhere. He said there will be roughly 5 percent of people in Austin who won't care about his message, won't listen and won't think his information is a solution.

But that 5 percent isn't his focus, he said, the 95 percent is.

"There's always some dissension," The Scary Guy said. "I'm not there to please anybody. I'm there to give them information."

During his time in Austin, The Scary Guy will stop by each school in the district, and also Pacelli High School. He will work with students, teachers and staff. Two evening sessions open to the public will be held Tuesday (5:30 p.m. at Austin High School) and Nov. 9 (6 p.m. at Ellis Middle School).