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Polling places closed at 8 p.m., which started a time-consuming process.
Fourth Street bridge mums receive daily attention, but part of their survival could be connected to location.
Grant to address workforce equity comes with funds for day-to-day operations, which will fall under director position created in 2021 budget.
Rumors about converting downtown green space to a housing project or commercial development appear to be speculation that has gone off course amid municipal golf discussions.
A sharp-eyed reader recently noticed that Mayo Clinic won a 2022 Midwest Emmy and wanted to know more about how a hospital won a television award. Answerman and his research team dug into it and found Mayo Clinic has taken home many Emmy trophies over the years.
When trading up, nonprofits can find a use for your old cell phone.
A handwritten note from Audrey Fiegel Higgins Garbisch answered the lingering question of why IBM CEO Tom Watson chose to build in Rochester.
A new bench dedicated to Denny Hanson has been put into place outside Rochester City Hall.
The Answer Man digs deep to find answers about the origins of IBM in Rochester and how a wartime friendship fits into the story.