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Jeff Pieters


Jeff Pieters is editor of the Post Bulletin. He joined the staff as a reporter in 2001, and has been editor since 2019.

Readers can reach Jeff at 507-285-7748 or

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It's an opportune time for Rochester to live up to its title as a welcoming community.
But while 2021 is definitely an improvement over 2020, this pandemic is not over. We are heading into a second COVID Thanksgiving.
You're the reason we do this. Your support is instrumental -- the very foundation of all of the work we do. It is our job to identify and serve your need.
This is a complicated issue, where historical mistrust between Black patients and the medical treatment and research industries plays a big role.
The ending might be somewhat predictable but getting there is like spending a night in a morgue, the power's out, and one refrigerated drawer holds a stone-cold killer. This is good stuff.
So now's the time to resume an old routine, or to start a new one. Make the call. Set up the appointment.
Perhaps it's time to figure out a replacement for the U.S. Postal Service and let it become a completely private business.
Based on their writing samples and the way they presented themselves in a recent introductory meeting, I think we're in store for another year of top-notch writing.
Doesn't it feel good to cheer again?