For people in Rochester, Mayo Clinic's rapid growth in recent year has happened before our eyes.

However, it can be difficult to get perspective on the Mayo "forest" due to how close the trees are.

Here are few of Mayo Clinic's organizational charts from over the years to draw a clearer picture of its evolution.

Most of these came from the documents the IRS has filed to defend itself in the lawsuit filed by Mayo Clinic, which wants to be categorized as a school to be about to reap more direct profits from some of its investments.

I find some of the most recent additions interesting.

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In the 2017 chart, Charterhouse, Mayo Collaborative Services and Gold Cross all have their own boxes, which was not the case in 2010.

Plus there is Captis, a health care supply company that Mayo owns with Vizient, and the Mayo Clinic Insurance Co. Limited, which manages about $400 million in investments in the Cayman Islands.

Looking at these charts shows that Mayo Clinic has certainly evolved into an entity as complex as any Fortune 500 conglomerate.