About six months after it abruptly closed, Rochester's south Perkins Restaurant and Bakery is expected to re-open in June.


Franchisee Bob Yanish closed Rochester’s two Perkins locations at the end of November.

Since then fans of the popular eatery chain have been asking for it to re-open. Hopes went up when a billboard saying Perkins would return went up a few weeks ago.

Now the Memphis, Tenn.-based chain is officially confirming that a return is imminent.

"I just wanted to reach out and confirm that the reopening of Perkins Restaurant and Bakery located at 1818 S. Broadway is definite," wrote Perkins Communication Manager Vivian Brooks in an email this afternoon. "We anticipate the reopening of the restaurant to be on or about June 10 and we could not be more excited."

This location will be directly owned by the corporation. Employment opportunities for the revived restaurant are expected to be posted in the next few weeks.

There is no word about the north Rochester Perkins Restaurant, so it looks like it will remain dark.

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