As anyone who ever read anything I've written knows, I'm not a very careful typist.

Notes from talented amateur editors arrive in my inbox daily pointing out various typos, grammatical errors and other writing missteps. For the record, I appreciate people taking the time to share those glitches with me.

All of that is to make it clear that I am the last person to judge someone for a simple error.

However, a snag in the meeting packet for the Rochester City Council meeting did confuse me a bit on Monday.

Two applications for liquor licenses showed the same applicant name. Rochester City Clerk and Communications Director Anissa Hollingshead explained that she made an error in duplicating the name in the council packet on the two separate projects.

However, she said the information on the official legal documents were correct.

Here's the breakdown:

• Bitter & Pour- John Pacchetti is the driving force behind Bitter & Pour LLC, which picked up a liquor license for the former home of The Doggery. Bitter & Pour is slated for the cozy underground spot at 18 Third St. SW, which is co-owned by Pacchetti with other investors.

The city document states that the goal to open is Aug. 15.

•  Remedy Coffee, Juice & Bar- Breanna Holtan is steering the boat at Sweet Water LLC. Sweet Water landed a liquor license for Remedy Coffee, Juice & Bar at 117 North Broadway, right next to the under construction Castle Community/Armory project.

Remedy has a projected possible opening date of September.