So much has changed in the news industry and at the Post Bulletin since I started working here back in 2000. The most significant change has been in how we deliver the news to our readers.

I remember on 9/11 we ran the press all day, updating the pages as new information came out. We ended up printing five different editions of the newspaper that day.

Now, almost 19 years later, more and more readers are looking for their news on our website,, every day. Fortunately, our owners at Forum Communications Co. have been investing in technology and digital infrastructure for the past few years.

We launched our redesigned website on April 28, with several new features including the ability for readers to have a digital replica of the printed newspaper format delivered right to their email inbox each day. If you have not been to lately, I encourage you to check it out. Your print subscription entitles you to full access online, including the E-Paper.

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We are producing newspapers six days a week, five in both print and online, plus we’ve added an exclusive online-only E-Paper on Fridays.

At the end of the day, the Post Bulletin is a business, and printing the newspaper is expensive. In order to have a financially sound business and continue printing newspapers, we need both strong print advertisers and print subscribers.

As an industry, print advertising has been declining, but this time of national crisis and the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus hit us, along with many other local businesses, very hard and accelerated the decline in advertising revenue.

Dan Johnson watches as the press prints an edition of the Post Bulletin on Nov. 26, 2019, in Red Wing. (Traci Westcott /
Dan Johnson watches as the press prints an edition of the Post Bulletin on Nov. 26, 2019, in Red Wing. (Traci Westcott /

To offset that loss in revenue, and to ensure we could continue providing the most essential news, we reduced our printed page count and put that content, including the daily comics, in the expanded version online in our E-Paper. We also increased our subscription prices by $1 per week.

We hoped this would be enough, but unfortunately it is not. Beginning July 12, the Post Bulletin will move to a six-day digital E-Paper, Monday through Saturday, and a two-day print delivery schedule on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

We are committed to our investment in journalism. Regardless of the delivery method, journalism lives in Rochester and we’ll be here with the largest reporting staff in southeastern Minnesota bringing you trusted local news, celebrating your successes and mourning your losses. We’ll continue to cover your sports teams, your Legislature, your business, your neighbors, your friends and your families. I hope that you come alongside us and support this important mission.

Chris Blade is the publisher of the Post Bulletin.