RED WING - The 81 workers at Red Wing Shoe Co. represented by Teamsters Local 120 voted to authorize “strike action,” when their contract extension expires at midnight.

The union reported that contract negotiations had broken down and workers could walk off the job any time after midnight.

“Our members have worked tirelessly for this company for years and are now working through the worst pandemic in our lifetimes. They deserve a fair contract. At the vote today our members sent a clear message that they are willing to strike to achieve it,” stated Local 120 President Tom Erickson in an announcement of the action.

The historic shoe company and its workers have clashed over contracts before. In 2015, the workers voted down a company offer in November, but agreed on a contract a month later.

Local 120 Business Agent John Chappuis stated in the union’s press release that the company is forgetting what has made it successful for so long.

“Red Wing has made their brand on one thing and one thing only, quality. It’s why so many working people buy their products,” wrote Chappuis. “Their shoes are high quality, because the men and women who actually do the work take pride in providing the best darn footwear money can buy. Not because of the company management.”