A while back, it was announced that old Big Blue was going to be split into two companies. What does that mean for remaining IBMers on Rochester’s former IBM campus? Will “mommy” or “daddy” get custody of them? -- Blue Gene

Ah, Gene. There’s a lot to unpack in your short questions about Rochester’s former second-largest employer.

First, the “divorce” or division of IBM into two companies has not happened yet. The plan is to make the split by the end of this year.

As for how all of this will affect the undefined number (maybe an estimated 2,000 to 2,500 workers) of IBM employees and contractors working in leased buildings on Big Blue’s former Rochester campus is a big question mark.

The IBM Rochester site reportedly includes a cloud team working on IBM Cloud Paks, the Watson Health Team, development of computer chips for IBM mainframes and a supercomputing team that has helped create some of the fastest computers in the world.

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It was announced earlier this year that the service company to be spun out of the venerable 110-year-old technology giant will be named Kyndryl and it will be based in New York City.

How did they come up with Kyndryl as a name?

IBM says it “evokes the spirit of true partnership and growth.” It combines the first portion of the word “kinship” with the second portion of the word “tendril.” While some might think tendril is kind of ominous, the company says it indicates always working and advancing progress. There's no guidance on why they replaced the "i"s with "y"s. Maybe they thought it looked cooler.

There’s no word yet if Rochester will be under Kyndryl's tendril, IBM's umbrella or if there will be a joint custody situation.

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