A Brief History of Google My Business

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Launched in June 2014,  Google My Business  is any local business's best friend on the Internet. Google My Business is a united interface that is designed to make it easier for local businesses as well as national brands to be found on Google. It is a huge change from the sponsored listings and directory listings of the past on Google. This allows any business owner to get the visibility they need on Google in an easy way that is also easy to manage.

You can use Google My Business even if you don't already have a Google account. Just make one. If you do already have a Google account, you can sign into Google My Business and begin using with your existing user ID and password.

Once you log in to Google My Business, click on the "Get on Google" button. This will take you to Google Maps within the Google My Business interface. Use the search box to see if your business is already listed, but not managed. If it is there, but not managed, you can claim it as your own. This listing is now yours to manage. If it is not there, you can create a listing for it, and then claim it as your own listing.

You can integrate your Google My Business listing with any other Google accounts you have that you want to connect to it, such as a Google+ page or a YouTube channel. You can also choose to optimize your Google My Business page for local business searches, or for brand recognition for national businesses. Whichever way you choose to optimize it is the way it will appear to people when they go to Google to do business searches. When you optimize for local businesses, people who search will be directed to Google Maps to find your business.

If you optimize for brands, users who are searching will be send to non-local Google+ or YouTube pages your business operates. When optimizing for brands, you need to have a Google+ page, as that is where Google My Business will direct user searches, so if you don't have one, make one before you sign up for Google My Business, or during the sign-up process. It will make the service work much better for you.


Once you claim your page or create a new listing, you will see what the real benefits of Google My Business are. Your Google My Business page provides you with a page where you can measure all kinds of metrics, and choose from many options for how you want Google users to see your business online. You can also look at any Google reviews your business has received from your Google My Business page, without having to search for them elsewhere. Everything you need to manage your business's presence on Google is available to you on one convenient page with this service.

Google My Business is a wonderful tool your business has available to it for free that will greatly increase its online visibility on Google. Use it, and enjoy the benefits and customers it brings your business, whether you are a local or national company. With Google My Business, you get results regardless of the size or location of your company.

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