A New Deal for artists

Art from another era helps us learn much about the past. Here's a great site to start from a time that's not too long ago, but well before most of us. Read on.

1934: A New Deal for Artists

The Minnesota History Center is hosting a great look artwork produced during the New Deal. It comes from the Smithsonian American Art Museum's new exhibition "1934: A New Deal for Artists" and other visual pieces the museum has amassed from 1934. They were created under the New Deal's 1934 Public Works of Art Program. Lasting only six months, from December 1933 to June 1934, this was the first federal program to support the arts nationally. The concept, to challenge artists to depict the "American Scene." Here's a look at the some of the art from the collection. The exhibit in St. Paul runs from June 2 through Sept. 30.

Art on the field


Major League Baseball's Tumblr, Drawn to MLB, is a collection of submitted artwork from fans that depicts baseball. I love it. Some is rich and professionally done and some of it is done by young kids. Each offers the artist's view of the beauty of the game. It's fun and it changes as more is added. Give it a look.

Nature's artistry

And keeping with the art theme, give a look to the sky. Last weekend, we had the Super Moon. Photographers captured it in various locales. It was amazing to witness, and the photographers who shot the night got some great pics. Take in the view.

A look at the nation

The Guardian newspaper in England has a great graphical look at how marriage rights break down state by state in the United States. It's a cool wheel of colors that shows what the laws are in each state. It's a good look to gain an understanding as our state prepares to vote on a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between one man and one woman. President Obama caused a stir this week with his announced support of same-sex marriage. Give it a look to understand what's on the books.

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