After dodging wrecking ball once, ex-BP station may be going down

You might duck the wrecking ball once, but the second swing might be harder to dodge.

After an earlier attempt faded away this summer, it looks like another demolition plan is moving ahead for the long-empty BP Pump-N-Munchconvenience store on South Broadway at 16th Street.

In August, the AutoZone national chain submitted an application to knock down the former gas station to clear the site for construction of a new store.

That deal seems to have stalled. No action has been seen on that high profile corner, except to see the "For Lease" sign to go back up over the "Sold" sign. AutoZone's permit was never approved.

Now, a new demolition permit for the ex-Pump-N-Munch is moving through the city's system. Instead of Auto Zone's name on the application, Rochester's Kato driving this one.


J ohn Jensen and Jack Briggsof Kato Inc. owned seven BP Pump-N-Munch stations here at one time. They closed them all in rapid succession during the summer of 2009.

It isn't clear what will be next for that site, but it looks like the former C-store won't fend off the wrecker for much longer.

Then things will get interesting. I'll be keeping an eye on this one to see what'll happen next.

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