A Rochester-based medical device firm – Nanodropper – is hosting a “Breakfast With Tiffany” panel discussion about eye health in the beauty industry to raise awareness and funds to combat blindness.

Nanodropper CEO Allisa Song will host the virtual discussion via Zoom on April 24, with the reigning Miss United States, Tiffany Rea. Expert panelists answering questions about eye health will include Dr. Allison Jarstad, an ophthalmologist at SoCal Eye, and Texas optometrist Dr. Megan Matocha.

Caitlyn Schollmeier, the reigning Mrs. United States and a veteran of the United States Air Force, will also join the discussion.

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To find out more or to register for the event, go to nanodropper.com.

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Throughout the free event, donations to the nonprofit Prevent Blindness organization at PreventBlindness.org/nanodropper will be encouraged. Prevent Blindness has declared April as Women's Eye Health and Safety Month.

Nanodropper makes a precision eyedrop bottle adapter that reduces medicine waste by delivering a more precise drop, benefiting patients as well as doctors.

The product, which fits most eye medicine bottles, started after Song read how eye droppers squirt more liquid that an eye can hold. Nanodropper allows patients to get more useful drops of medicine out of a bottle without waste.

Rea discovered Nanodropper on social media and believes it could fill a need in the beauty/pageant industry, especially for pageant contestants who use eye drops.

Song, a Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine student, co-founded Nanodropper with Elias Baker, Jennifer Steger and Mackenzie Andrews in 2017.