Answer Man: Another Kahler tenant to fight eviction

Dear Answer Man, did you know Renee's Wigs isn't the only Kahler Hotel store that's in court fighting eviction? There's at least one other store that's been given the boot and is fighting it.

I've heard a lot of tips about Kahler shops headed for eviction, but I didn't know a second store is lawyering up.

This time it's Go Rochester Direct, the shuttle business that has a space in the Kahler Grand Hotel lobby. "Yes, we are in the court grinder," owner Kurt Marquardt said today. His case is on the Olmsted County District Court docket for a week from today, though it originally was set for Tuesday.

Kahler Hotels LLC, the new ownership at the Kahler, filed the civil action to force them out of their current space.

This follows the eviction case against Renee Carlson, who owns the Revelation, Les Wigs Renee and Merle Norman cosmetics store at the Kahler, who's fighting eviction and says she has a valid lease through 2018. She asked for a trial, which played out Tuesday and Wednesday with Judge Joseph Chase in charge. A ruling is expected in about 10 days.


Chase also will hear the Go Rochester Direct case.

Go Rochester Direct has been around since June 1993 and has been in the Kahler since 2004, said Marquardt, who owns the business along with a Twin Cities partner.

"We're fighting it," he said. "We believe we have a valid lease with years of options left."

Another shuttle operator, Rochester Shuttle Service, now is at the front counter in the Kahler lobby.

There's at least one other popular store in the Kahler and Marriott complex that has lost its lease and will soon pack its crates: Cinta Molloy's Crate store in the Marriott subway. Cinta told me this morning that she'll close her women's fashion and accessories store within a few months, "with great regret."

She can't say more at this time, but you get the feeling that she'll have a lot to say down the road.

The closing of her store will be a big and hard-to-explain loss to downtown retail.

Second Kahler eviction hearing on hold


Do little birdies talk to you? They do to me, and I heard some chirping Saturday night that the Kahler Grand Hotel's plan to evict Go Rochester Direct has been put on hold, maybe just for a few days, maybe longer.

Go Rochester Direct, which runs shuttles to the Twin Cities airport and elsewhere, has a shop in the Kahler lobby. Kahler Hotels LLC wants them out of that spot and had asked for an eviction hearing in Olmsted County District Court. That hearing was all set to go on Thursday, as I wrote in a marvelous column last week .

But after hearing that tip Saturday night, I called Go Rochester Direct owner Kurt Marquardt and he confirmed that the hearing has been put on hold. Kahler brass contacted him Friday and said they wanted to talk about alternatives for his business location, Curt said this morning. He'll meet with the Kahler's Javon Bea on Friday, he said.

Marquardt says the eviction matter hasn't been dropped, as far as he knows.

Kahler Hotels LLC was in court last week as well, trying to oust Renee Carlson and her Revelation, Les Wigs Renee and Merle Norman store from the Kahler lobby. Kahler Hotels LLC says she failed to renew her lease; Carlson says she has a valid lease. The judge has taken the case under advisement and will likely issue a ruling next week.

This morning -- maybe coincidentally, maybe not -- the Kahler Hospitality Group announced a new partnership with Rochester Shuttle Service, the chief competitor to Go Rochester Direct. Both operate out of the Kahler, currently. More details on that new partnership in Tuesday's P-B.

One last note from the Kahler: As I also reported in that excellent column Thursday, The Crate store in the Marriott subway will close within a few months. Like other retailers in the Grand Shops at Kahler and Marriott, Cinta Molloy said she was told by the Kahler's new management that she'd have to move to a new location. She wasn't willing to do that and regretfully chose to close the popular women's fashions and accessories store instead.

The Crate had an ad in Saturday's P-B that said, "We said no to relocation."


Dear Answer Man, please, I need the recipe for the batter that the Anchor Inn used for their shrimp. Also, they had wonderful biscuits and gravy that were served family style -- I would love that recipe, too. Thank you so much. -- Bryce Mann

I like this question. Food memories live longer than just about any other, as Proust knew, and I often hear from readers who want this recipe or that recipe from a long-ago restaurant. I checked with Bryce regarding which Anchor Inn he was referring to, since there were a few, and he said the original one in Reads Landing.

I've written about that landlubber's landmark more than once -- I'll link to a few of my past classics online -- but regrettably, I don't have the recipes that Bryce is hankering after. Does anyone have access to the Anchor Inn's recipe box?

By the way, the Fabian Seafood truck was in town yesterday. Alas, I believe that'll be the last visit by the shrimp truck until next summer.

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