Answer Man: Some trucks aren't built for car washes

Just curious if you know the answer to this: Are there any car washes in Rochester that you can run a dually truck through? Asked a couple of my friends who also have dually trucks, and they did not think so. With so many of them on the road these days, one would think there should be. — Valerie

Frankly, I don't see that many dually trucks — pickups with four wheels on the back axle — but they certainly would have a hard time fitting into most self-serve car washes, where you have to inhale deeply when entering with just an average car.

I called the Mister Car Wash just north of 37th Street Northwest on West River Parkway today and was told they can't accommodate dually trucks — they don't fit on their tracks — and it's ditto for the 41st Street car wash. They can do a hand wash, but that's probably not what Valerie is looking for.

If you have know of dually-capable washes around the area, let me know, and I'll pass it along to Valerie.

Regarding dually trucks, according to a Dodge Ram blog , they're not just for show. Though they're buff, the extra rubber on the road is more about stability and safety when you're towing big loads. You also get twice the tread when braking.


Here's another consumer question:

Dear Answer Man, recycling in Rochester does not take the plastic containers that plants are sold in. Where in Rochester can these containers be recycled? — Michael P.

Well, the first nursery I called this morning, Sargent's Gardens north in Rochester, said they have a bin for recycling of plastic pots, and I believe there's one at their Second Street store as well. I'm guessing other nurseries help out as well.

Dear Answer Man, how far in advance do you think a notice that says "save the date" should go out? I got one for a public meeting this week that says, "Save the date," and the meeting is on June 12.

Agreed, a week is more like a "last minute" notice, not a "save the date" courtesy. IMHO, if you truly want a date to be saved, let people know at least a few months in advance — and if it's a destination wedding, send money.

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