Coborn's is out, Teal's may be in for Cold Spring site

COLD SPRING — Plans to develop the former 28-acre site of Cold Spring Granite's headquarters continue to take shape with a shift of potential tenants.

City Administrator Paul Hetland said Coborn's, thought to be a potential tenant of the Granite Landing development, notified the city last month that it will not build a store in Cold Spring. Land that would have been used for the store was sold to Roger Teal to build an expanded Teal's Market on the southwest portion of the site, Hetland said.

"Everything has not been finalized. At this point, we have no comment," Teal wrote in an email to the Times.

Steve Gottwalt, spokesman for Coborn's Inc., confirmed the change in direction, noting a variety of factors are considered when trying to locate a new store.

"It was a business decision," Gottwalt said. "We weighed our options and at the end of the day it seemed in our best interest and the city of Cold Spring's to make way" for a store to be built by someone else.


"We deemed it a good decision for our business and the city of Cold Spring."

Hetland said the city is happy to see business grow within the city and emphasized there is still a focus on growth and new business as well as job retention and creation.

"We're excited as a city to see all this change happening. It's nice to see the growth," Hetland said. "Overall, the message is that we don't want to lose either."

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