Digital Mike: Blogging the long good-bye

When a loved one is hit by a terminal illness, it's gut-wrenching. A Rochester family has been chronicling their life as their daughter's brainstem glioma tumor continues to take its toll. Read on.

Family support

If you've been on Facebook in Rochester, you've likely come across the O'Hara Family Blog in their journey with their daughter, Shannon, a 13-year-old Willow Creek Middle School student. Shannon was diagnosed in April with a brainstem glioma tumor. Jennifer, the mother, Dan, the father, and Erin, their other daughter, are watching as this tumor taps the life of Shannon. The blog is a beautiful, honest expression of what a family goes through. They warn that it's not sugar-coated. It's not, and that's why it's so good. It's full of the range of emotions anyone would feel. Dan and Jen express it all. I call this blog my "daily cry" because there is so much love in it, but it's also painful.

Going up


One of the hallmarks of Knutson Construction is that they post a web cam on many of their projects. As regular readers know, I'm a huge fan of web cams. So this is fun. Check out some of the Rochester projects. The best one now is Mayo Clinic's Richard O. Jacobson Building in downtown Rochester. It's a big hole. Come back often and see how things rise from the ground. The site holds images of each spot and freshens up regularly. My fave is to do the time lapse. It's fun. Take a spin.

Wild in Waterton

Speaking of cameras, another fun type is a motion detector camera that people post out in the wilds. Here's a fun site from one of my favorite parts of the world: Waterton Lakes National Park, the Canadian version of Glacier National Park. You can visit, but you might not see any animals. So check out the images from their wilderness cameras. The park's biologists came up with one technique to help them in their counts: "camera trapping."

Sampler map

I've been known to sample a beverage now and then. I love this map to help guide me with Scottish single malt whiskies. Here, you can figure out  the tastes, which range from light to rich and delicate to smoky. It's all on a map to help you figure your tastebuds. Cheers.

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