Digital Mike: Have a nice trip this fall

As much as I'm a fan of summer, in the end, I'm a fall guy. And Minnesota's a good place to be when autumn occurs. Read on.

Fall colors

Minnesota's fall colors are up there with the best of the best. You just need to be nimble enough to get out and about when they hit peak in your favorite part of the state. So now's the time to start planning. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources puts out one of my favorite, relatively simple maps showing where fall colors are hitting and anticipated to descend. They also have helpful links to learn a lot before your excursion.

Up there in the air


Time magazine compiled these fun excursions with aerial cameras, often on drone-like aircraft of remote and abandoned places, such as castles and other ancient sites. It's a fun way to see what's going on and daydream about faraway places.

Goofy break

The next two are from my useless sites on the web meanderings. Truly dumb, but perhaps they'll spark a chuckle from you. I hope get a laugh or at least a smirk from the deal. The first is a "Break Glass to Sound Alarm" site. Break the glass with a click. That's it.

Goofy part II

This little guy sure likes to lick the glass. A dog licks at what appears to be cold or icy glass. And that's about it. It's on a loop, so it appears like he's just a friendly fellow. Give it a visit.


Bizarre animation

I'm not quite sure how to characterize this odd site. Titled "I love you like a fat lady loves apples," I approached with caution. It's certainly not complimentary, but it's weirdly entertaining. It's a site where you control the animated woman's arm that welcomes an apple that's rolled down the table and then you can click and clutch the apple, gobbling up it up. It goes on and on with some bizarre twists in the animation that become apparent if you're patient. If the title offends you, steer clear. If you're curious, carry on.

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