Digital Mike: Listen to the pipes play in Rochester on St. Patrick's Day

St. Paddy's Day is fast approaching, so here's a site that gives you a flavor of the Rochester celebration. Wear your green. Read on!

Listen up

Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band has become a time-honored tradition on St. Patrick's Day in Rochester with their parade of pubs. It's a real treat to be hoisting a beverage as they march into a local bar or even down a fine Rochester gentleman's street. The band's heritage traces back to the early 1970s, when Pipe Major David Thomas formed the Mantorville Grenadiers, according to the band's site. The Irish did adopt the Highland Bagpipes and they're often called the Irish war pipes. Today, it's just for celebration. Check the Rochester band's website for a map of its parade of pubs or you can find the link at with this column. They start at noon on March 17 and wrap up at 10:30 p.m. It's quite a sight.

Football characters


This is a hilarious piece of work by an artists who crafted the NFL team logos as Disney characters. It's hilarious. Even the New York Giants get their typeface done as Disney. The once fierce people and creatures on the helmets are now softer and lighter looking. I like it. Take a moment to click through it.

Author, author

My friend, Matt Algeo, is out with his newest book, "Abe and Fido," a look at President Abraham Lincoln's dog. It sounds fascinating and fun. He told us about it last summer when he stopped in St. Paul on his book tour for his book "Pedestrianism," which was a look at the mostly forgotten sport of walking. Matt finds interesting and unique topics and fleshes them out. This is his blog, so you get some salesmanship on his books, but you also get to enjoy his wit and broad view of the world. Give him a read and look for Fido. His other books are also worth a read. They aren't lengthy, but you benefit from his research and observations. If his name sounds familiar, you might remember him from his days back in the '90s when he was stationed here in Rochester with Minnesota Public Radio's KZSE-FM.

Weather walker

Speaking of Fido, I found a fun video that will only seem timely for a short time now that our snow is melting and melting. Even as a fan of winter, I'm shouting hooray. Here's a look from the Weather Channel of a family that cleared a series of paths into an exercise route for their dog. From the air, it's hilarious. It's a bit like a convoluted Pac Man maze. Give it a look and a laugh.



Takhini Hot Ponds are located in Yukon, Canada. It looks fantastic as they embrace winter in the outdoors. Long ago, I enjoyed some Montana hot springs in the winter. It was a thrill and this place looks like the same sort of great place. They just wrapped up the frozen hair contest in February. It's a riot. Wet hair from the visitors in the hot ponds is quickly shaped and freezes in the air, creating some lovely white hairdos. Click through the gallery and enjoy. Brrrr. It looks truly arctic, and I guess it is!

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