Digital Mike: Movie mementos provide pricy sales after the final cut

Is there something you'd love to have from your favorite movie? You're not alone, but you might have not the green in your wallet to get what you want. Read on about what some folks paid for a reminder of the movie. I'll stick with a ticket stub.

Pricey props

Shortlist has a great graphic of film props and what people paid for them. Dorothy's ruby red slippers in the "Wizard of Oz" cost $660,000, but I've seen stories where they've garnered much more green. That's probably why someone stole a pair in 2005 at the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minn. The golden ticket for Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (the original movie) fetched $27,500. Give it a look.

Evolution of art


This is a cool 3-minute video that morphs through 90 portraits of women in 500 years. Even if you're no art expert, you will still appreciate the beauty of these masterpieces and get blown away by the evolution of art over the years. See how many you recognize. I recognized many, but couldn't give you the title or the painter. But don't worry if your art acumen is like mine, you can scout out the answers at Art Fido.

Don't tase me bro

Uh. I'm not sure what to think about this. Patrick Hall, a potrait photographer, has offered a video along with the a behind-the-scenes and an extended version of people being nailed with a taser. Ouch. It reminded me of a former intern at the Post-Bulletin, Emily Buss, who in her reporting job in the Twin Cities was tased as part of a program she's going through with the police department. It's all a bit weird on these videos, but take a look if you're curious. The behind-the-scenes might be the most interesting part.

Calculating the dollars

Upshot, the smart, data-driven section of the New York Times, had this great interactive awhile back. It seems as relevant now as it did then. It's a nifty calculator that takes what the Times says are the most important costs associated with buying a house and computes the equivalent monthly rent. It's fast and thoughtful. And it's worth spending a few moments with it if homeownership is a question you're pondering.

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